Don't just hold the paper  that says you own gold -

Hold your own gold in your hand-

real, naturally occurring gold!

Gold is eternal!

Invest in something  real that you can touch and feel ! 

Our natural, real gold nuggets and specimens lay hidden

beneath the earth's surface for thousands of years. 

Now many have been unearthed with metal detectors and other tools. 

Gold Nugget Man's gold is for real! 

Gold Nugget Man's gold is forever! 


Every bit of this gold has been personally discovered by us in the wild and has never before been offered or even viewed by anyone else.  This is our own private collection

and we are making it available for the very first time right here!

Welcome To Gold Nugget Man!

Thanks for visiting!


Not just a quick stop, shop and go site

Spend some time and enjoy!

Keep  checking - this site will continue to

grow and change

- other nuggets, collections, stories

and interesting features

will be added regularly!


Hello!  If you have any problems purchasing, please give us a call!

  Have a great day!

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