The quest for gold lies in all of us!


My wife and I have been for years- and myself since I was a young man- passionate seekers of gold.   The lure and excitement  of discovering gold, freeing it from the bondage of a subterranean existence - is more than just a "fever", it is a passion which never ceases, a captivating desire which only grows.  We love prospecting anywhere, especially in northern Nevada.  In extreme northern Nevada, Elko County has produced some spectacular gold.  Did you know one of the largest finds in northern Nevada was a stunning and gargantuan seven troy pound nugget from Elko County.  Not ours, but think how exciting that was!

Over the years  we have discovered a wonderful collection of nuggets and specimens and have now decided to offer them for sale to other folks who enjoy the fascination of gold.

Our gold nuggets surprise us with amazing shapes and personalities, coming from deep down in undisturbed Earth.   They've not been hammered by heavy erosion and alluvial river wash action.  Our gold nuggets come from very near the spot where they were first formed, and we are extremely cautious in unearthing them.    It appears they've  hardly  moved at all in their thousands of years since transforming into existence.  The intricate shapes and patterns of these nuggets place them at a whole other level of Nature's phenomenal designing  accomplishments.  We are so thankful to be able to share our discoveries and stories with you and hope that you find entertainment, joy and pleasure in our presentation of them, as we do.  

You may be a collector, an investor, or a fellow prospector - whatever the reason that brought you to - we appreciate your interest and spending time with us.  Please be sure to put in your favorites so you can check back often, as we will always be updating the site with new and interesting stories and comments - AND ADDING MORE  GOLD!

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