Small Gold Collections

Gold Nugget Man is pleased to offer  groups of select  and premium  sub-gram ornamental gold nuggets, many of  jewelry grade.  

Provided in attractive display cases.  

Genuine Gold Nuggets gnmcol120
Gold Nugget Man
3.97 Grams
 9 subgram pieces
Genuine Gold Nuggets gnmcol120

A spirited collection of nine superb jewelry grade nuggets.  Lengthy, weighty -

ideally paired and selected

you'll be proud to own these!

Genuine Gold Nuggets gnmcol121
Gold Nugget Man
3.15 Grams -
8 subgram pieces
Natural Gold Nuggets gnmcol121

Here are eight spectacular pieces of gold that are all jewelry quality collectibles. 

Each carefully unearthed by hand. 

A great addition to any collection!

Gold Nugget Collection gnmcol122
Gold Nugget Man
2.92 Grams -
4 subgram pieces
Genuine Gold Nuggets gnmcol122

A worthy collection of nice chunky,

eluvial Nevada gold nuggets. 

Each one substantial in its own right.

Solid rich pieces!

Gold Nugget Collection gnmcol123
Gold Nugget Man
4.13 Grams -
1 piece 1.46 grams
3 subgram pieces
Gold Nugget Collection gnmcol123

Four unique and fascinating gold nuggets showing surprisingly puzzling patterns. 

First rate, you'll agree!

Genuine Nevada Gold gnmcol124
Gold Nugget Man
2.34 Grams - 7 sub gram pieces
Genuine Nevada Gold gnmcol124

Seven intricate, luxurious pieces of superb Nevada gold.  Some of it leaf-like, yet still with substance.  A beautiful spattering of quartz in some of these!

Genuine Gold Nuggets gnmcol125
Gold Nugget Man
2.97 Grams -
8 subgram pieces
Real Gold Nuggets gnmcol125

Eight lovely elongated, all natural gold nuggets, selectively chosen for their coordinating features.

 Pictured here in a sunburst pattern, they'll be sent to you as they appear in this display container. 

What a showpiece!

Gold Nugget Collection gnmcol126
Gold Nugget Man
2.57 Grams -
3 subgram pieces
Gold Nugget Collection gnmcol126

These are three burly guys who will simply entertain you!  They are quite clever - offering class and distinction. 

A very "wantable" threesome!

Really worth having!

Gold Nugget Collection gnmcol127
Gold Nugget Man
3.62 Grams -
4 subgram pieces
Gold Nugget Collection gnmcol127

Here are four nice thick nuggets.  They look and feel quite impressive for their size.

The quartet of feel good gold! 

A clever addition to anyone's collection!

Natural Gold Nugget Collection gnmcol128
Gold Nugget Man
2.99 Grams -
4 subgram pieces
Real Gold Nuggets gnmcol128

"Quattro" pickers that made the machine "zing"! This collection is "bellissimo", isn't it?

Have a go at these- it'll work out grand!

Natural Gold Nuggets gnmcol129
Gold Nugget Man
3.55 Grams - 2 Pieces
1.77 Grams;  1.78 Grams
Natural Gold Nuggets gnmcol129

These should push your "WOW" button!

  Only two of these guys because they can do the job all by themselves!  What character and class -

brawny and impressive! 

You'll love 'em!

Genuine Gold Nuggets gnmcol130
Gold Nugget Man
3.47  Grams 3 Pieces
.82 grams; .98 grams;
1.67 grams
Natural Gold Nuggets gnmcol130

Aesthetically pleasing in shape and texture, like three good dreams in a row!  

Course and husky, these guys are impressive and you will relish owning them! 

Genuine Gold Nuggets gnmcol131
Gold Nugget Man
2.89 Grams -
5 subgram pieces
Real Gold Nuggets gnmcol131

These five guys will dazzle you! 

Big enough to be exciting - 

they have tenacity and lots of character. 

Even better than they look here. 

Just say the word and "Bob's Your Uncle"!  (That's Aussie Talk!)

Natural Gold Nuggets gnmcol132
Gold Nugget Man
2.59 Grams - 2 Pieces
1.15 grams; 1.44 grams
Natural Gold Nuggets gnmcol132

How many ways can you say "WOW"?? 

We've just moved to another level.

  Two nuggets of earth shine that are simply -

grand - swank - regal!

 Keep going, it all fits,

and they'll come to you

just like nature made them, as pictured..

Real Gold Nuggets gnmcol133
Gold Nugget Man
3.54 Grams - 4 Pieces
3 subgram pieces; 
1@ 1.69 grams