Gold Nugget Man


Dark Ages 

A Gallery of Choice, Select Specimen Nuggets

Please note quartz appears lighter than actual in some photos.

Gold Nugget Man's Premier Dark Ages Specimen
     It has a name:
Blood, Sweat and Tears

Gold Nugget Man's Premier Dark Ages Specimen

Blood, Sweat and Tears.

World Class Nugget

Large Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda110
Large Gold Nugget Specimen gnmda110

Gold Nugget Man


15.75 Grams


A "showcase" specimen with beautiful lavish quartz 

and approximately

14.64 Grams of Gold!

Large Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda110
Large Gold and Quartz Nugget gnmda110

This is a clever and enthralling gold nugget and a specimen.  It even made it into our Dark Ages Collection!  It has gorgeous quartz peering out from its staggering surface in many places.  All the tests we performed say it's just over a gram of quartz, the rest is luscious gold!  There is no competition for first place... this nugget stands alone in its class at over a half ounce of unequaled subterranean magic!  The old cliche about "you must see it to believe it" is absolutely accurate here.  Beautiful, eerie, heavy, all fit this glorious chunk of sumptuous gold. 

We like to call it "Rock -a- Fella"!

Dark Ages Category gnmda500
Dark Ages Category gnmda500

Gold Nugget Man


11.75 Grams


Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda500
Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda500
Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda500

Looking like a gold, gilded Bigfoot track (from the right angle), this fairly large mysterious looking specimen is predominantly dark to lighter gray quartz and appears somewhat ominous in nature...  It has nearly 3.25 grams of gold strung through it with a rich yellow outcropping partially encircling its highest point when positioned horizontally.   The same stringer again surfaces at the bottom.  Electrical continuity test show positive from those specific top to bottom areas.  But then, and most interestingly, totally isolated and very tiny projections of gold show elsewhere, while covertly encased is the bulk of the more generous deposit of Au.  This is an interesting piece  not only for its fetching appearance but because its indicative of how this "old as time dark quartz deposit" has crumbled and decomposed down through many

thousands and thousands of years, creating pieces like this

and leaving all of us to wonder what must still be "down there" to be discovered! 

This piece is one tangible part of the story of an 8,000 mile wide ball of rock,

with a heart of real fire.  That rock is known as -"planet earth."

Dark Ages Gallery gnm224
Dark Ages Gold and Quartz Specimen gnm224
Dark Ages Gallery gnm224
Dark Ages Gallery gnm224

Gold Nugget Man


5.18 Grams


Dark Ages Gallery gnm224

"The  Arched Jewel!"

Let's start with the basic, profound fact that this gold nugget is unexplainable and extraordinarily beautiful!  It's obviously in an aesthetically class of its own and so very special that it should always be handled with absolute loving care.  Displaying a mystifyingly cryptic texture this chunk of gold has no particular aim but to bewilder, baffle and entertain the  holder.  As the name implies, there's a sizable arch at what seems to be the top, while there are many raised knobs and ridges and lower areas for excellent contrast.  Tastefully mixed throughout and ideally situated are select, understated natural deposits of crystal-like matrical quartz.  The quartz weighs almost nothing compared to the gold, but its perfect presence makes this piece an ultimate natural work of art.  All these features combine to make an erratically formed and compellingly desirable jewel like, ruggedly coarse gold nugget which is somehow smooth to the touch.  This piece can also be considered an essential gold and quartz specimen.  Although wildly attractive it makes a subtle statement as to its undeniable appeal.  This astonishing piece should make an incredibly exquisite pendant, and if so, should be contained in a  custom designed jewelry cage for this purpose.   This is one gold nugget that should never be subjected to soldering.  A close-up view of this piece - especially through magnification - is breath  taking and we're excited for you to see it first hand should you decide to become the new owner!

Large Gold Nugget gnm211
Large Gold Nugget gnm211
Large Gold and Quartz Specimen gnm211
Large Gold and Quartz Specimen gnm211
Gold Nugget Man
20.34 Grams
Large Gold Nugget gnm211

A Natural Wonder

"Wild and Crazy!"

A spectacular large gold nugget and Dark Ages presentation!  A specimen, yes, but the golden design is what captures the imagination.  An intricately course, strangely maze-like, lunar landscaped gold nugget. Weighing nearly two thirds of an ounce, with about a gram of perfectly placed smoky-gray quartz, this piece is bewilderingly captivating. A massively heavy and most bizarre natural design,  featuring a moon-bridge and various passages.  Its existence is nearly unbelievable.  Held in your hand, its weighty realness is gripping - although its primeval  personality is hard to grasp.  You'll roll it over and over in your fingers trying to comprehend its very spirit - and then, you'll just keep trying....  this gold nugget is absolutely entertaining!    Whether you call it a nugget or call it a specimen,

if you can call it yours - you're a very fortunate person.

Natural Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda501

Gold Nugget Man


6.55 Grams

4.63+/- Grams AU


Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda501
Definitely a Specimen for Your Collection!

This piece has only about two grams of quartz while the remaining balance is rich gold - spread throughout this eye-catching gold and quartz specimen.  There is continuity connection at any two points you might touch with the probes.  This amazing specimen appropriately represents why we chose to title pieces belonging to this gallery of premier  offerings the "Dark Ages". 

It really fits!

Natural Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda502
Gold Nugget Man
3.49 Grams
2.76 +/- Grams AU
Natural Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda502
Natural Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda502
"Little Monster!"
Buttery gold from its head to its toes!  He's got beautiful smokey quartz and an attitude!

Dark Ages continues with one surprise after another! We've named it

"Little Monster" with an attitude, to be sure! So cute that it's not even scary. 

  Isn't it just perfect? 

What is it - maybe a pteradactyl chick.... or whatever they called them back then. 

Of course, there was no one back then to call them anything, so we're good!  Right? 

The "Little Monster" shows continuity from head to tail

and boasts about two and three quarters grams of very precious gold!

Gold Nugget Man
6.58 Grams
5.67+- Grams AU
Natural Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda503
Natural Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda503
Natural Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda503
A "Wow" 
Piece of Creation!

Isn't this thing almost beyond comprehension??  It just makes me want to talk

'cave-man'....."Ugga Wugga Chug Chug"......!   It's primal... it's heavy...

After all, less than a gram is quartz.... The rest - deep, lush, contiguous, heavy, heavy gold. 

This thing is "Bloody Wonderful"!!

Gold Nugget Man


3.21 Grams

2.04+\- AU


Genuine Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda504
Natural Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda504

It absolutely must be named the

"Golden Summit" 

What else could make more sense? 

It's like the Matterhorn in the Swiss/Italian Alps. I've seen the Matterhorn -

at Disneyland, that is! Rode a bobsled thru it...

Here's the Matterhorn in miniature - gilded in real Nevada gold. 

Isn't nature wonderful?  All tests show about two grams of serious gold in this

whimsically wondrous gold and quartz specimen.  What a show piece!

Natural Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda505
Natural Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda505

Gold Nugget Man


2.69 Grams

2.21+/- Grams AU


Here's a handsome little specimen nugget that can handily find a place in any collection. A very intriguing piece, yet easy on the budget.  Imagine finding this in the wilds... Excitement for sure!  Ringed in generous gold lacing and approaching two and quarter grams total AU content, there's continuity anywhere you check on the yellow parts...

Here's your chance to join the club with this outstanding representative of The Dark Ages Collection.

Dark Ages Collection Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda506
Dark Ages Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda506

Gold Nugget Man


3.56 Grams

2.82+/- Grams AU


The irresistible and emotionally magnetic qualities of the Dark Ages pieces are well realized when you have the opportunity to enjoy first hand contact with this particular nugget/specimen.  It is  mostly gold - less than a gram of smokey looking quartz as shown by testing.  We believe you'll find this piece very desirable.  Rich buttery gold is the rule and of course, its deposits of beautiful dark gray quartz are most alluring. 

One can't go wrong with a rare natural phenomenon of such unusual quality.

Genuine Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda507
Dark Ages Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda507
Dark Ages Collection Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda507
Natural Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda507

Gold Nugget Man


3.83 Grams

3.57+\-Grams AU


Not a huge amount of quartz, yet unquestionably qualifies as a member of the Dark Ages Collection.  What matrix quartz there is has enough mineral substance to make it extremely dark and still not magnetic.  All but about a third of a gram tests out as gold.  This one is of very course texture and holds the imagination in its grasp.  There must be some deep secrets hidden in the back-story of this most unusual gold nugget/specimen. 

We believe you'll find it way beyond ordinary!

Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda508

Gold Nugget Man


2.63 Grams

2.45+\- Grams AU


This 'unique'  chunk of the planet tests at just under two and half grams of AU and just under one quarter gram of dark, mystical slate gray quartz.  Just makes it under the wire to qualify as a member of the Dark Ages Society....  This is one fine gold nugget!   Archaic in appearance, he has class and character and proudly takes his place in anyone's collection of "nuggetry"!

Genuine Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda509
Natural Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda509
Natural Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda509
Dark Ages Collection Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda509

Gold Nugget Man


3.31 Grams

3.11+\- Grams AU


Can something be all things at once? 

Completely unrefined in that they're as wild as can be, and yet, refined as to their beauty and excellence.  That seems to fit a lot of our nuggets.  The Dark Ages pieces, including this one, surely do measure up to these standards.  The scales say it's almost all gold.  Dark, dark matrix quartz is so captured and yet pronounced -  its presence makes a real statement.  This is spiritually a very tasty gold and quartz nugget/specimen so I guess you could say it's "goldalicious!" 

We call it "Embraced"! 

Natural Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda510
Nevada Gold and Quartz Specimens gnmda510

Gold Nugget Man


3.10 Grams

3 Pieces

.91 Grams; .97 Grams; 1.22 Grams


A Dark Ages Trio

Putting it simple and straightforward, I must say that these three pieces of gold equal one grand little collection!  They are daringly "nuggenacious" and they are "boldly ambitious".  Given their size, they take a backseat to nothing and no one for show and personality. High in rich gold content, they are to be sought after, and well worthy of anyone wanting to own them...

Natural Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda511
Natural Occurring Gold and Quartz Specimens gnmda511
Genuine Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda511
Real Gold and Quartz Specimens gnmda511

Gold Nugget Man


2.54 Grams

2 Pieces:

1.40 & 1.14 Grams 


Can you believe these two fabulous nugget/specimens?  Both with such delicately designed, naturally intriguing shapes and totally drastic differences in the color of their matrix quartz.  Still,  these two pieces were found within mere inches of each other... Their beautifully natural and fragile designs are mesmerizing to say the least. 

Upon close study, anyone should be amazed. 

They're simply wonderful! 

Natural Gold and Quartz Specimens gnmda512
Dark Ages Collection gnmda512
Natural Gold and Quartz Specimens gnmda512

Gold Nugget Man


3.00 Grams  2 Pieces

1.57 & 1.43 Grams


Another Dynamic Duo! 

What a spectacular creation are these two "nuggadocious" gold/quartz specimen/nuggets.  These jagged pieces of hydro thermal magic are "over the edge" and something to be treasured.  When it comes to collecting gold nuggets,

these are a couple of profoundly bizarre collectibles that you won't want to be without!

Natural Occurring Gold and Quartz Specimens gnmda513
Genuine Gold and Quartz Specimens gnmda513

Gold Nugget Man


3.01 Grams

2 Pieces:

1.34 & 1.67 Grams

"Crested Snowflakes"


We call them "Crested Snowflakes"....

Can you tell we're offering the best of the best?  Some of the most select and rare nuggets imaginable.  What delicate, primitive, natural beauties of the most unusual nature.  Look how all that gold is stacked on top with

prominent and royal extensions. 

All total, a tenth of an ounce of natural perfection.

Genuine Gold and Quartz Specimens gnmda514
Dark Ages Collection gnmda514
Dark Ages Collection gnmda514

Gold Nugget Man


3.51 Grams

2 Pieces: 

1.64 & 1.87 Grams


"Rough and Ready"

Of course that's the name of an early Gold Rush Boom Town in the Sierra's Mother Lode country.... But these are most definitely Nevada natural gold and quartz nuggets.  No, we call them "Rough and Ready" because each of this complementary twosome is handsomely and  ruggedly rough , and because after three hundred thousand years of "dirt napping" in the rock of Dark Ages, they were ready to join us in the light!  Now, they're ready for you - So here's two chunks of gold, three and one half grams total, of "out of the park" and "over the fence" 

absolutely tenacious gold/quartz specimen nuggets!

Small Gold Nugget "The Captured Snowflake" gnm151
Small Gold Nugget "The Captured Snowflake" gnm151

Gold Nugget Man


The Captured Snowflake

2.22 Grams


"The Captured Snowflake"

There are specimens, specimen-nuggets, jewelry pieces, show pieces, collectors specimens, collectors nuggets and there are rare opportunitiesHere are all of these wrapped in gold in just under two and a quarter grams.  You can have it all, without having to buy big and without a large investment.  This nugget-specimen is far beyond deluxe.  It's beyond exquisite. It is quite staggeringly, over the top, amazingly beautiful!  A generous sampling of rich,smokey, light gray quartz all naturally set in some of the most buttery rich, heaven-like, glossy textured gold that anyone could imagine. Open faced on one side, showing off the native quartz laced with stringer gold.  The reverse side is nearly solid gold. 

And all of it continuity connected!

  If you would like the best of everything,

this may be your "Window of Opportunity"!

Dark Ages Collection of Specimens gnmda516

Gold Nugget Man


4.92 Grams

2 Pieces:

1.70 & 3.22 Grams


Natural Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda516

The smaller one of these two Dark Ages nuggets/specimens could be named

"Just Hangin' Around" or "Cliff Hanger"!  That appears to be what the dark, mysterious little chunk of smokey quartz is doing!  While the larger nugget has its lighter smokey gray quartz safely embedded.  They both are, of course, predominantly rich in naturally occurring gold with fabulous features very intricately formed.  It's also interesting to know that these two nuggets were found within several inches of one another. 

Each is a superb addition to a gold collection.

Gold Nugget Man


3.70 Grams


Dark Ages Collection gnmda517
Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda517

We call it "Fangs and Claws"!  

A Dark Ages piece featuring some of the strangest natural design you'll every see!  The limited deposits of dark smokey quartz are so eerily displayed!  This nugget/specimen is outrageous especially when viewed under magnification to appreciate.  Its detail  - the holes, bridges, abysses, the peaks and valleys - all accentuated by golden "Fangs and Claws"!  You'll want to treat this like what it is -

A rare treasure!

Dark Ages Gallery Gold and Quartz gnmda518
Dark Ages Collection Gold and Quartz Specimen gnmda518

Gold Nugget Man


4.54 Grams

3 Pieces

.99 Grams; 1.43 Grams; 2.12 Grams