A hefty piece of gold

with lots of character!

Large Gold Nugget gnm104

Gold Nugget Man


16.27 Grams


Checking in at well over a half ounce, you can envision how this eye-popping nugget came into existence.... As the vaporized Au rose from the fiery depths below the life zone, traveling up through its hydro-thermal vent and pathway, it settled into a nugget forming pocket against smooth indigenous rock, while its cavernous facing surface kept collecting vaporized gold as it cooled and solidified.  This explains the two drastically different textures you see on this heavenly piece of  subterranean"star shine".   So near the source that it was never altered.  That's how it marched into glory.

  This would be the icing on the cake

for any collection. 

Don't hesitate on this one!

Large Natural Gold nugget gnm104
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