Large Gold Nugget gnm106

 A gnarley piece of Nevada gold

with a bit of quartz!

Gold Nugget Man


20.08 Grams


This chunk of gold, approaching two thirds oz. takes you on a mystery adventure....

It's covered with gnarled bumps and dangerous dips!  Everywhere you look at this weighty mass of breathtaking density is intriguing.  It looks as old as it really is - which only God knows.  But, you can be sure it has existed in secrecy while many civilizations have come and gone...  It's magnificence is undeniable...  You can feel the tugging of gravity it possesses....This nugget will impress anyone who experiences it! 

If you end up owning it,

congratulations are in order!

Real Nevada Gold Nugget gnm106
 Large Gold Nugget gnm106
Genuine Nevada Gold nugget gnm106
Big Nevaada Gold Nugget gnm106
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