Small Gold Nugget gn137
Gold Nugget Man
2.07 Grams

The word "spit-fire" has several definitions - some quite positive.  "Wild and Free" is one of them! 

It fits perfectly here! 

This fabulous gold nugget most definitely has a "wild and free" spirit.  Just look - it's obvious.  This piece seems to be in a constant state of excitement!   It even shows a bit of the "Chevron" effect on one corner area of it  - while the rest is spectacularly textured in its own stunning way.  Plus, in a clever cleave upon close examination you can see a tasty tidbit of perfectly placed smokey white quartz.  Pull this nugget out, show it to anyone and they must agree - it's quite sassy,

plus they'll probably wish it was theirs!

Natural Gold Nugget gnm137
Natural Gold Nugget gnm137
Small Gold Nugget gnm137
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