Large Gold Nugget gnm143
Natural Gold Nugget gnm143
Gold Nugget Man
7.06 Grams

"The Golden Rock of Gibraltar"

Why would something so iconic come to us from the depths of this planet???  

 Perhaps there's a reason....

The Rock of Gibraltar stands as a symbol of strength and stability to the world.  It's been fought for down through many centuries.  It was a position of security to the allies in WWII.  Now due to forces perhaps beyond what we think we know, there's a smaller but amazing and natural  "Golden Rock of Gibraltar".  It naturally sits in a pose and position of eminence.  Now it's in our hands, because a higher power placed it there.  We are the delivery man - the Finder... should you choose to be the new keeper of this fabulous gold nugget, your pride of ownership will be  justified.  "Gibraltar" appears here as it naturally occurred and as it is now.  A magnificent gold nugget weighing over seven grams.  A Wonder of Nature.  Over a fifth of an ounce, it's a superb gold nugget and truly one of significance.  Study it closely! We want you to know all about the Golden Rock of Gibraltar.   

Now available from Gold Nugget Man!

Large Gold Nugget gnm118
Large Gold Nugget gnm118
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