Gold Nugget Man
2.75 Grams

"Neanderthal Battle Club" 

What a wonderful phenomenon!   This golden battle club  - with a touch of older than old  stone age quartz - is a superb conversation piece.  Ever  heard of  "ally-oop"?   It's an old comic strip.  It's also a hit rock and roll cave man song from 1960 by the Hollywood Argyles, written by Dallas Frazier  - one  of the world's greatest songwriters.  We celebrate all of this and the most famous caveman of all time and his trademark weapon of choice with the marvelous and all natural show piece nugget now known as the "Neanderthal Battle Club".

  What a prize possession! What a specimen nugget!

This splendid piece of primitive gold is sure to be the centerpiece of your collection!

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