Gold Nugget Man


4.16 Grams


Hey, Looky Here!

(drum roll please.....)


This is a "gran - fabulated " piece of gold that's very pleasing to the senses.  Finding a nugget like this is most extremely challenging.... On the other hand, enjoying a nugget like this is very easy and fun!  A Scandinavian would say "UFFDA!!"  That's a word that, among other meanings, also expresses surprise and excitement or elation. 

Well, Scandinavian or not,

this one should push your "UFFDA!" button! 

Wait till it arrives at your front door then see just why the expression really fits. 

Be ready with a  1-2-3 UFFDA!"

Medium Gold Nugget gnm161
Medium Gold Nugget gnm161
Medium Gold Nugget gnm161
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A deluxe gold nugget, courtesy of Mother Earth!     4.16 Grams