Medium Gold Nugget gnm163
Medium Gold Nugget gnm163
Medium Gold Nugget gnm163
Gold Nugget Man
2.79 Grams

When it comes to searching for gold - ask somebody who spends their precious time in such a pursuit and they'll tell you something 'akin to........"If they could uncover a piece like this, they'd be as pleased as a pet possum with a peanut butter and honey sandwich!!! "

Here's over two and three quarter grams of pure pleasure for anyone who loves gold.  This natural Nevada nugget is a delight to hold,  feel and look at.  Nuggets can have a magical affect on the human senses - yes, it's called "GOLD FEVER" for a reason! 

It's for REAL!. 

It's a treat you can't get too much of

and one you sure can't get enough of!!!

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