Large Gold Nugget gnm165
Large Gold Nugget gnm165

Gold Nugget Man


8.70 Grams


The Goose is elsewhere, but Hallelujah! we've got the "Golden Egg!"  What a chunk of gold!  This nugget is very responsive to gravity.  Fun to hold, almost eight and three quarters grams of solid feeling, massively rich gold with several specs of dark smokey quartz from its embryonic days of formation remaining just for added flavor.  This nugget is audaciously bold and very, very impressive even to the point of being "rumbumptious".  To say that it's an overtly "nuggetasious" wonderment of gold is only stating the obvious.  Any one who possesses this "Golden Egg"gold nugget can and should be totally shameless in their extreme pride of ownership. 

If you're the one, we hereby offer our most respectful congratulations.

Large Gold Nugget gnm165
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