Natural Gold Nugget gnm188
Gold Nugget Man
1.83 Grams

A consequential,

serious dollop of super sweet gold! 

 The kind of thing that most wild country gold seekers would be deliriously  HAPPY TO FIND - if only they could.... When any back country adventurer ascends the depths of some precipitous Baranca, tired, fatigued and grinning beyond control - metal detector or gold pan in hand - something like this could be the seed of all that excitement!  If it should happen to you, well then, clap your hands, stomp your feet and don't waste any time in buying a lottery ticket.  Cause you're on a roll!  Like I say-  when your hot - you're hot!  and you're hot now!  Many of us prospectors have spent countless and thousands of hours and dollars through the years in hopes of finding a nugget just like this, and here it is -

the real thing - for just pocket change........

Small Gold Nugget gnm188
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