Gold Nugget Man
2.48 Grams

How in the world did this happen??

  These strange and mystical shapes never cease to amaze.  This is so interesting, compared to stuff that's been rock hammered featureless and tumbled smooth (and that's still sweet to find, too!!)  but look at this kind of gold.  These extravagant features are so naturally smart, fun and unequaled that they are just second to nothing else.  Nature is perfection, and this is further proof! 

No cookie cutter stuff here. 

No model for this one! 

"One of a kind?"  Yes, in the deepest sense of the phrase When it comes to having something no-one else has,

you won't just be the first kid on the block! 

You're the ONLY kid "on the block"!  Bingo!!

Medium Gold Nugget gnm190
Medium Gold Nugget gnm190
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