Natural Gold Nugget gnm191
Genuine Nevada Gold Nugget gnm191
Gold Nugget Man
2.04 Grams

Hold on to your popcorn, peanut gallery!  

 because it's about to be blown away! 

This is not the norm. Extra special?  Oh Yeah!! 

 Are you in the right place at the right time?  Oh Yeah!  Just over two grams of golden magic!  What a remarkable piece of gold.  I know - I've been doing this all my life.  Stuff like this is reason to celebrate.  That's why after all this time, we've decided to share.  We certainly hope you share in our excitement and recognize a rare opportunity.  This is a gleaming, gorgeous,  amazing piece of naturally formed Nevada gold.

  From God - to us - to you! 

And it doesn't get any more

naturally entertaining. 

Join us on this wild adventure. 

We welcome you!

Small Gold Nugget gnm191
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