Gold Nugget Man
1.89 Grams

How can something be so remarkably punctuated with twists, turns, knobs, knarls, gullies and bumps, freakish features and indefinable lines - and still be perfect...Take a good look at this and you might agree - that's just what it is!  This gold nugget is a wondrous work of art, and none of the old masters could ever come close!  Picasso proves totally inadequate, Van Gogh - vacant,  Michael Angelo, somehow lacking - nothing compares to the divinely inspired tectonic artwork of an omnipotent master who can design a universe!  Here's one stellar piece of miraculous matter that we can hold on to - something so precious that it goes far beyond a rock, a tree, or a fossil or a painting.  We're told that streets in another world are paved with this thing called gold- not because of its monetary value, but because of its exalted place in the universe.  This natural golden nugget, just under two grams, is an exquisite design of nature and can only be considered as something we're blessed to have and

something you wouldn't want to be without.

Small Gold Nugget gnm192
Small Gold Nugget gnm192
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