Medium Gold Nugget gnm201
Gold Nugget Man
2.70 Grams

"The Golden Godzilla"

We've studied this nugget a lot.  It's quite intriguing and reminiscent of some creature - BUT WHAT??  Looking at it from the "front" it seems to be up on haunches with short front arms crossed and its head facing left.  From the back, it's very course and the dinosaur like face looks to the right.  We maybe even see a cat, too.  Maybe

But really,  we think "Golden Godzilla".  It's just too animal like to not have a name.  It would make a great pendant and with another one similar to it - a fabulous set of golden earrings.  But as yet, we've found nothing to match it.  We won't quit looking, though.... If you end up owning this neat piece of gold and want us to keep you informed of any future find that could make it a duo, we will certainly make a note of it!

Medium Gold Nugget gnm201
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