Natural Gold Nugget gnm205
Gold Nugget Man
1.95 Grams

Spectacular is surely a fitting term for this aesthetic wonder.  This piece of gold ignites the imagination.  It is indeed a strange occurrence. 

I wonder if the tin man grew his own  heart, might it look something like this? After all, it would be from the land of Oz!  So maybe.......

 I'm always pleased that we have been so cautious in the extraction of our gold nuggets as something of this superior quality is worthy of the proper steps to preserve and protect it.  To say that gold of this caliber transcends the normal boundaries of "nuggetry", if they exist at all, would be a proper statement.  This stellar piece of gold will come to you in a protective display case.  We urge you to enjoy it and handle it with T.L.C. 

It is truly a  rare nugget.

Small Gold Nugget gnm205
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