Gold Nugget Man
17.14 Grams

Let me introduce you to this impressively massive and grandiose gold nugget! 

One of our more recent finds, one that brought a big Mine Lab detector to life with a deeply, inverted signal - a real indicator that you're onto something way out of the ordinary.  This nugget exceeds a half ounce by well over a gram and a half.  It displays just a smidgen of native quartz that is ever so tasteful in its tribute to origin.  It is so bizarrely formed that it deserves a name.  But we'll leave that up to you, although we would like to know what you decide, should you become the owner of this magnificent piece of gold. 

You'll probably find your first personal contact with this wild nugget a rather enjoyable shock to the senses.  We certainly did, and we can even provide a video of discovery to the new owner if we're asked nicely (and if we can find it! ) after you've received this rare treasure.

It will be shipped in the special display case! (shown here)

Genuine Gold Nugget gnm206
Natural Gold Nugget gnm206
Genuine Gold gnm206
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