Large Gold Nugget gnm207
Large Gold Nugget gnm207
Gold Nugget Man
47.84 Grams

We'd Like You To Meet "UNCLE MUSCLE!"

... one of the most handsome gold nuggets you'll ever lay eyes on!  Uncle Muscle - he's got muscles on his muscles!  At well over an ounce and a half, this is a wondrous, natural work of art with its undefinable and beautifully textured solid mass of knobs and gnarls...Uncle Muscle also has some mysteriously cavernous voids where slight hints of smoky gray quartz from its most primitive formation are visible upon close-up viewing  -  a feature which truly adds to its absolute perfection.  You might say that holding this remarkable chunk of gold feels like "double gravity!"  This is a staggeringly impressive gold nugget that should thrill anyone who experiences personal contact with it.  We're proud to share the excitement of Uncle Muscle!

Large Gold Nugget gnm207
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