Large Gold Nugget gnm208
Gold Nugget Man
46.47 Grams

This breath-taking big gold nugget is beyond the boundaries of the strangest dream.  Pushing hard against an ounce and a half, this is one seriously whimsical hunk of gold.  It's long and heavy and a glorious, solid mass of strange!  It is from the recesses of our planet but looks like an alien from another world.  To us there's definitely a top and a bottom.  The head, arms and  torso are those of a previously unknown creature.  A solid gold creature, but what is it?  Eerily textured and magically molded by Nature, this spectacular gold nugget will captivate you or anyone who touches it.  It's had a spell on us since the day it was unearthed. What excitement! You can wonder all you want at its character and it will remain a wonder...We were shocked by its more than wild features.  This nugget will always be a real source of conversation and entertainment.  Just be ready for lots of "ooohs ! and wows!" when you show it off, as you surely will. 

Large Gold Nugget gnm208
Large Gold Nugget gnm208
Large Gold Nugget gnm209
Large Gold Nugget gnm208
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