Large Gold Nugget gnm209
Large Gold Nugget gnm209
Gold Nugget Man
29.28 Grams

This nugget makes the scale teeter oh so close to one precious ounce, less than two grams to go.  Very fulfilling in the palm of the human hand, it's a genius slab of gold with its somewhat split crescent shape and rare endowment of a lunar-like, indecipherably  profound surface design.  Here's a gold nugget that stands as a masterful, all natural work of art - straight from the concealed hush of the eternally sequestered underworld of nuggetry.  (Nuggetry - an absolutely sacrosanct process which occurs only in the secrecy of nature's deep earth laboratories of creation - hidden away in total darkness.)  Look closely and you'll notice a few carefully allotted and gingerly deposited samplings of sweet dark smoky quartz, just enough to authenticate the geothermal thrusting by which these elements traveled upward together and solidified. 

This amazing event resulted in the formation of what you see here - a rippingly superb and solid nugget of gold.    

Large Gold Nugget gnm809
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