Large Gold Nugget gnm212
Large Gold Nugget gnm212
Gold Nugget Man
9.36 Grams

"Cousin Muscle!"

At well over a quarter ounce, he's been waiting for the spotlight!  Since his Uncle Muscle who weighed over an ounce and a half has gone to a new home,  and  reminiscent of that whopping piece of gold,  it's time for another family member to step up and shine!  So meet Uncle Muscle's nephew -  Cousin Muscle!  This guy not only has muscled gnarls and knobs, but some recessed faceted areas that are most interesting which you will see upon closer inspection.  These really add to his unique individualism.  With impressive heft and a very pleasing texture, this is one large gold nugget with a most magnetic personality.

It's a piece of pure pleasure. 

You'll realize that at first sight and first touch!

Large Gold Nugget gnm212
Large Gold NUgget gnm212
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