Large Gold Nugget gnm213
Gold Nugget Man
8.06 Grams

The Story of a Nugget

Each natural gold nugget is created through a basically similar process called hydro-thermal venting.  As any nugget forms, it develops its own peculiar personality with characteristics that set it apart from all others.  Over much time, in many instances, the effect of erosion and water will move gold out of its embryonic hiding spot.  When this happens, it can be unrecognizably altered from its original design as it's tumbled among water driven rocks in rivers, creeks and washes - until it's smooth and somewhat featureless.  But other gold nuggets found very near their source can retain much of their wildly individual character.  This stunning eight gram nugget is a great example of how unique and yet classic a nugget can be when it remains very close to its point of creation.  This is a solid mass of gold.  It has maintained a fascinatingly coarse yet somewhat polished texture and is very pleasing to the senses.  It's a sweet and wise piece of gold to possess - naturally desirable. 


Presenting consummate classic gold nugget

of independent character!

Large Gold Nugget gnm213
Large Gold Nugget gnm213
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