Large Gold Nugget gnm214
Large Gold Nugget gnm214
Gold Nugget Man
10.71 Grams

The Fang Thang!

For a while now we've been laboring over what to say about this magnificent piece of gold because words and photos just aren't enough.  Its features are coarse and intricately superb.  It has so much character that it must be named.  Who knows what you might see here?  One thing we see is an enormous set of "chops with fangs"!  So, reaching back to our Cajun and Southern roots  "The Fang Thang" kept coming to  us and seemed to fit quite well!  You may have a totally  different notion and that's O.K.!  For sure - when under good light and even some magnification , it becomes "alive" and oh so impressive.  It's weighty and wildly rugged with three very tastefully located tiny deposits of smokey looking quartz - the largest being visible in the photo shown here.  Will you be amazed?  We are!  You will probably be totally "Snagwobbled"by this audacious and saucy chunk of Au.  It weighs in at well over a third troy ounce and is a marvelous experience for any lover of gold nuggets!

Large Gold Nugget gnm214
Large Gold Nugget gnm214
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