Large Gold Nugget gnm218
Large Gold Nugget gnm218
Large Gold Nugget gnm218
Gold Nugget Man
14.41 Grams

The Masterful Art of Nuggetry

is highlighted here by the specific use of what might seem to be a random appearance of Divine Dynamics!  Consider though, that because something this wondrous is beyond our abilities and comprehension, it may be solid proof of supremely intelligent design through miraculously powerful forces.  At about two grams away from a half ounce, this glorious gold nugget is something to marvel at.  Its heft and rugged surface composition are most pleasing to the senses.  So coarse looking yet surprisingly smooth to the touch.  Looking closely, you'll find bits of smokey gray quartz tastefully tucked away in some of the tiny surface pockets of this lush golden nugget.

  A most remarkable precious object

of natural rare beauty. 

This is  gold that adds to the quality of life!

Large Gold Nugget gnm218
Large Gold Nugget gnm218
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