Large Gold Nugget gnm222
Large Gold Nugget gnm222
Large Gold Nugget gnm222
Gold Nugget Man
12.80 Grams

This is much better than good gets! 

Here is a solid gold nugget that jumps to life! 

Very ornate, and quite animated - with a fascinatingly intricate surface texture.  There are surprising turns, knobs, arches and intriguing hollows in a wildly unpredictable pattern.  Combine that with the absolute pleasure of personally holding this rare treasure, and you have a sensously golden experience!  Obviously coarse - while pleasingly smooth on the finger tips.  It is substantially weighty at just 2 3/4 grams away from a half troy ounce.  You'll see proudly dislayed the letter "J" or "L" or you may see "Nessy" (the Lockness Monster- Google it to find out about the legendary "Nessy"). Or you may see some different "other world" creature. 

Whatever it is, you can be sure it's fun! 

Upon very close inspection, (we used magnification) you may find the slightest whisper of some sweet, light quartz - a direct link to this nugget's most primal beginnings, and well tucked away on the edge of this amazing chunk of gold! At your very first glance, this nugget will captivate your senses, and will more than likely be an auspiciously lucky gold nugget for whoever possesses it.  Of course, this most remarkable natural creation would make a gorgeous conversation piece  pendant,

aside from being quite a wise investment!

Large Gold Nugget gnm222
Large Gold Nugget gnm222
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