Medium Gold Nugget gnm224
Medium Gold Nugget gnm224
Gold Nugget Man
5.18 Grams

The Arched Jewel

Let's start with the basic, profound fact that

this gold nugget is unexplainably and extraordinarily beautiful!  It's obviously in an aesthetically  superior class of its own,and is so very special that it should always be handled with absolute loving care.  Displaying a mystifyingly cryptic texture this chunk of gold has no particular aim but to bewilder, baffle and entertain the holder.  As the name implies there's a sizable arch at what seems to be the top while elsewhere there are many raised knobs and ridges and then lower areas for excellent contrast.  Tastefully mixed throughout and ideally situated are select, understated natural deposits of crystal-like matrical quartz.  The quartz weighs almost nothing compared to the gold, but its perfect presence makes this piece an ultimate natural work of art.  All these features combine to make an erratically formed and compellingly desirable - jewel-like ruggedly coarse gold nugget which is somehow smooth to the touch.  This piece can also be considered an essential gold and quartz specimen.  Although wildly attractive, it makes a subtle statement as to its undeniable appeal.   This astonishing piece should make an incredibly exquisite pendant, and if so, should be contained in a custom designed jewelry cage for this purpose.  This is one gold nugget that should never be subjected to soldering.  A close-up view of this piece - especially through magnification  - is breath taking and we're excited for you to see it first hand  should you decide to become the new owner.

Medium Gold Nugget gnm224
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