Not So Famous Quotes by Not So Famous People

Some good ole' boy philosophy - honest and free:

If you want good tamales - buy em'   from some ole' gal  selling em' out of the trunk of her car.  That's where the best ones come from and they're dirt cheap!  Courtesy of Mike, the Mechanic.  (And how can you go wrong when a man has that kind of logic - I ask you???)

From my eleven year old son who had been reading Louis L'Amour books and was assigned to write a cowboy story in school.  It started with " Two guys rode into camp, so I shot em'...."

"The human brain is the last part to mature, and in many unfortunate cases, never does."  As observed by Gold Nugget Man.

From our late and dear friend, John.  "Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend.  Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."  (You'd had to know John....)

The golf course pro, after watching me practice (struggle) for a while......"one good piece of free advice??"     I said, "Yes, please!!"  Pro - "Sell your clubs!!"

"If you have to say something mean - be nice about it."  GNM

" I'm sorry for everything that ever happened."  The words of a great drummer and good friend whom we miss very much - K.C. Bills.  This when he was trying to salvage a business relationship ( I don't think it worked).

"How far are we from here?"  GNM to a waitress in Deadwood South Dakota.   Her answer  "I think about 12 miles." Made since to her....

A locally infamous waitress, and apparently with a real attitude when my wife and I , for fun, and just to get her reaction, asked her who the four stone faces are on Mount Rushmore.  Her real answer..... "a bunch of assholes".

"Avoid cliche' whenever possible.  Always try to find a new way of saying something old. It exercises your mind, and it's fun!"   GNM

"They can't spray if you pick them up by the tail."  Brave, bold words spoken by an adolescent Mike Young just before he caught the last baby skunk crossing the road.  It was a cold mid-west night, riding home on the hood of the car! ( a 1965 Ford Fairlane). 

"Punch him out, I'm ready!"  I yelled to Danny, who was up in the tree with five baby coons, and a pokin' stick.  "OK - here he comes!"  says Danny.  When that coon landed on my head  instead of in the fishing net, I whooped, hollered and jumped around like a crazy man.  Danny was laughing so hard he nearly fell out of that oak tree.  We went home without a pet coon......

This guy was a pain - always trying to borrow money.  One night a friend of mine, a Vietnam vet, made this suggestion, and I quote "Loan the guy five bucks -  he'll never come near you again."

I did, and he didn't.  Best five bucks I ever spent! 

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