11.75 Grams   3.20+/- Grams Au.  Looking like a gold, gilded Bigfoot track (from the right angle), this fairly large mysterious looking specimen is predominantly dark to lighter gray quartz and appears somewhat ominous in nature... It has nearly 3.25 grams of gold strung through it with a rich yellow outcropping partially encircling its highest point when positioned horizontally. The same stringer again surfaces at the bottom. Electrical continuity test show positive from those specific top to bottom areas. But then, and most interestingly, totally isolated and very tiny projections of gold show elsewhere, while covertly encased is the bulk of the more generous deposit of Au. This is an interesting piece not only for its fetching appearance but because its indicative of how this "old as time dark quartz deposit" has crumbled and decomposed down through many thousands and thousands of years, creating pieces like this and leaving all of us to wonder what must still be "down there" to be discovered! This piece is one tangible part of the story of an 8,000 mile wide ball of rock, with a heart of real fire. That rock is known as -"planet earth."


SKU: gnmda500
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