2.11 Grams.  2.1 grams of pure "spooky"!It came to us through an incredible set of circumstances... the heat that day had been tortuously brutal, so working by night was a blessed relief. This particular evening, by the strangely eerie and even spooky light of a most ominous moon, the coyotes were nervously voicing their warnings in the nearby hills around us. We felt tension in the air. Our senses were tingling, and we concurred that something was looming. But what? The this syncopated oddity, this voo doo-like thing, this strikingly unbelievable gold nugget presented itself to us as it peered up from the earth in response to the glare of our lights. That explained the electricity in the air and yes, the incessant howling and yipping suddenly ceased. All was silent, that is until we began our chattering as we expressed our excitement and surprise. What a night! What a nugget! Here it is... The mask is among us...


SKU: gnm125
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