2.66 Grams.  7 pieces:  .21 grams; .21 grams; .27 grams; .32 grams; .33 grams; .49 grams; .83 grams.

Do ya feel lucky??... Well, do ya???     You should, ya know! 

You just rolled "SEVENS" -- SEVEN pieces of gold that is!! 

SEVEN  big, sweet  pieces of gold!  Flakes quite often are not real sizable.  These do have credibility.  They are each in their own right a really nice nugget. I'm sure you'll feel like we do - each one of these is a winner!  "SEVEN" carries some good connotation.When it's seven pieces of beautiful gold, well, that's a good thing! Take SEVEN winners - put them together - you've got a victory!So let's celebrate!  It's a banner day!


SKU: gnmcol170
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