3.34 Grams.  5 pieces:  .44 grams; .54 grams; .58 grams; .66 grams; 1.12 grams.

In Chinese, it's "Wu' Kuai Jin Kuai";       in Swedish you say "Fina guldnug; 

in Spanish it's "Cinco Pepitas de Oro";       the French say "Cing Pepites d'or de Oro";

in Australian it's "Foive LIttle Rippas"    In American, it's "HOLY MACKEREL!!"  Five gold Nuggets! 

No matter what language it's in, you don't just say it, you shout it! Look at these things - they're worth screaming about !!By golly don't  ya know! These beautiful nuggets are masters of dazzle.  It's hard to find them any nicer. Perfection without  a blueprint.  Just the spirit of nature... a fascinating arrangement of bumps and gullies and twists and turns.  Just wait till you see them!


SKU: gnmcol179
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