A lifetime of prospecting experiences

 in the search for gold have collided to create this story.



Seems like somebody is always gettin’ “misplaced” in these gnarly twisted up old ridges and canyons they call the Buckskin Runs.  These hills and gulches are wild – full of abandoned mines- and it’s easy for some folks to get pointed in the wrong direction.


Yep – and here he was, another lost soul..  you could see him  comin’ up the wash on his four wheeler – wasn’t hard to tell he was pretty much confused.  On top of that, he looked, well, kinda like an elephant sitting on a roller skate.  The tires on that Yamaha were squashing under the weight.  I mean this boy had some serious mass to him.  I was sure, if that thing broke down, he’d never walk out of there on his own power.  I was trying not to let my “shock and awe” show too much, when he said – “Say, I wonder if you might have seen my sweetheart, my little bride out here anywhere ?”


I said “Your bride? I sure wouldn’t expect to.  But what’s she look like, just in case??” 


He went silent, thinking for a few seconds.  Took his hat off, scratched his noggin with some fingernails that I wouldn’t want tossing my salad, put his hat back on, looked at me , and said “Well now that I think about it, I’d say she kinda looks like a jukebox, with a head on it.  I call her dumpling.” 


Well what else would I dare say!  I said “No sir, I ain’t seen anybody that fits that description.  In fact, we ain’t seen anybody else till you came along..”


“Okay” he said.  “Thanks, I’ll find her.”


I said “You gonna be okay on that beast?”   He gave me a friendly smile and a thumbs up, and when he finally got that machine turned around and rollin' back down the wash,  I couldn’t help but think – that must be a match made in heaven.  Yessir, pure bliss.  Must still be honeymoonin’.  One good thing for sure – you’d think either one of them would be hard to lose track of.  At least you could spot ‘em from the air pretty easy, and that put my mind right at ease. 

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