What you’re about to read was inspired by a series of events that have occurred over time when Gold Nugget Man was out in the gold fields and other wild places.



“The Clark Gable Look Alike”

You meet some surprising people at the strangest times.  We were way out where we hardly ever see another living soul.  It’s gold country.  There’s one old grave - can’t read the marker.  We love the place.  Yum Yum Springs and Screaming Fox Canyon.  We metal detect there with pretty good success.


Well, here she came down that rocky two track trail in an old (very old), I’d say 40’s model Chevy pickup – no paint left and blowin’ blue smoke.  She killed the engine and let it roll to a stop right in front of us.  A heavy-set woman behind the wheel, she nodded a howdy and then went right to her question. 


“Say,” she said.  “I’m lookin’ for my husband.  Haven’t seen him, have ya?  He’s supposed to be out here somewhere.”


“Well,” I said, “How would I know ‘im if I did see ‘im?


She said, “Well – he’s dang near a twin for Clark Gable.”  


I said, “Really?” 


“Yeh,” she said “Looks just like ‘im - only with less teeth, not much chin,  hair on his face,  but none on his head, and a lot bigger ears than Gable.”


I said, “No kiddin’ – by golly don’t cha’ know! 


She said, “Sure nuff, and I guess he’s quite a bit shorter, too.” 


“Well no ma’am, I ain’t seen ‘im, but I bet I’ll know ‘im when I do.  I sure can’t wait to meet somebody that looks like Clark Gable from the great classic movie Gone With The Wind.”


Well, that was a while ago – never seen her again and ain’t had the pleasure of meeting the man she described yet, either, but when I do, I just gotta get a picture of me with a fella that looks just like Clark Gable.  Wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity like that!

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