They Just Had To Have A Name...

It is such fun to find gold nuggets that take on the shape of something classic or familiar - most of them don't.  Even though these are listed on their appropriate page for size, we felt they deserve 

a little extra attention and show-casing! 

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Natural Gold Nugget gnm100

Gold Nugget Man


11.19 Grams


Natural Gold Nugget gnm100

"The Golden Wedge"   

First there was the Golden Spike....

Signifying  the monumental completion of the first transcontinental rail road.  

And now... 150 years later... we present The Golden Wedge, celebrating over 60 years of Gold Nugget Man's search for the real thing.  This is it - over eleven grams in one of the purest and stunning, naturally formed gold nuggets you could wish for! It even shows a tiny trace of its native mother quartz. This is one of Natures truly illustrious creations and some of the best Nevada has to offer.

Large Gold Nugget gnm102

The Schnoz!

Gold Nugget Man


11.30 Grams


Here it is! 

The  Schnoz!

Large Gold Nugget gnm102

Held at the right angle, this amazing 11.30 gram nugget is a "huge" likeness to an old favorite - Jimmy Durante -famous for his "schnoz" and one of America's most iconic and beloved showmen. You heard him singing in the movie "Sleepless in Seattle".  If you have never heard the name, Google it.  You will be amazed at the resemblance and at the striking qualities of this extremely rare, and never equaled, gold nugget!

Large Gold Nugget gnm108


Golden Boot

Gold Nugget Man


9.31 Grams


Large Gold Nugget gnm108

The Golden Boot

This hefty, natural work of art is nothing to "scuff" at - pardon the pun.  An amazing piece, with so many naturally intricate features, it would make even Rumpelstiltskin wild with envy!  In fact, it even has a quartz "jewel" inset in the toe that looks as though it was set by the greatest craftsman that ever existed.  Ya know, I suppose it actually was!  This magical golden piece is totally captivating.  We're so glad we found it and can offer it to you at this time!

Natural Gold Nugget "Honest Abe" gnm105

Gold Nugget Man


21.35 Grams


Genuine Gold Nugget gnm105

Meet "Honest Abe"

How could he not wear the name?  This golden face is so reminiscent of our 16th President that it's the winners circle for him!  At nearly two thirds of an ounce and charged with remarkable character, even a touch of quartz in the eye area, this nugget is a show stopper - a must have! 

Plus, there a special surprise hidden behind Abe to hold him at the proper pose!

You get  "Honest Abe" and you've hit the jackpot!

Gold Nugget Man


2.11 Grams


The Mask

2.11 grams of pure "spooky"!

It came to us through an incredible set of circumstances... the heat that day had been tortuously brutal, so working by night was a blessed relief.  This particular evening, by the strangely eerie and even spooky light of a most ominous moon, the coyotes were nervously voicing their warnings in the nearby hills around us.  We felt tension in the air.  Our senses were tingling, and we concurred that something was looming.  But what?  Then this syncopated oddity, this voo doo-like thing, this strikingly unbelievable gold nugget presented itself to us  as it peered up from the earth in response to the glare of our lights.  That explained the electricity in the air and yes, the incessant howling and yipping suddenly ceased..... 

All was silent, that is until we began our chattering as we expressed our excitement and surprise. 

What a night!  What a nugget!  Here it is... The mask is among us...

Medium Gold Nugget gnm130

Gold Nugget Man


4.70 Grams


Shaggy Dog

You'll want this little guy for your "companion"! 

A brilliant 4.70  gram nugget with a really cute likeness to the "Shaggy Dog". Have you ever seen the Disney movie?  A sweet part of movie history. 

As you can see from the other photo, nice quartz  is embedded in this piece.



Gold Nugget Man


9.86 Grams



Who would ever have believed

a gold nugget

shaped like an elephant? 

Even from the top it resembles the stately creature. 

Gold Nugget Man gave this fascinating nugget a French name

to honor his own Cajun heritage!

As a pendant, this gorgeous nugget will inspire conversation.

Gold Nugget Man


2.71 Grams


Aptly named "Folded" because it is - on both sides - and because it's even folded double upon closer inspection!  And so named because what it has been through - it needs a name! 

It has definitely earned this one! 

"Folded" is an iconic Nevada gold nugget with such an untold but obvious history and so much character that its development to this stage is truly remarkable.  There must have been a radical occurrence beneath the earth's surface.

 Here's the proof.

We're proud to offer "Folded" to you.

Gold Nugget Man


2.75 Grams


"Neanderthal Battle Club" 

What a wonderful phenomenon!   This golden battle club  - with a touch of older than old  stone age quartz - is a superb conversation piece.  Ever  heard of  "ally-oop"?   It's an old comic strip.  It's also a hit rock and roll cave man song from 1960 by the Hollywood Argyles, written by Dallas Frazier  - one  of the world's greatest songwriters.  We celebrate all of this and the most famous caveman of all  time and his trademark weapon of choice with the marvelous, all natural

show piece nugget now known as the

"Neanderthal Battle Club"

  What a prize possession! 

This splendid piece of primitive gold

is sure to be the centerpiece of your collection!



Gold Nugget Man

Item # gnm135

3.59 Grams


Medium Gold Nugget gnm135




The Screamer

One of Gold Nugget Man's favorites! 

This guy came out of the earth - "screaming" to be freed!  He's been waiting for thousands of years....

Gold Nugget Man


2.22 Grams


Natural Gold and Quartz Specimen Captured Snowflake gnm151
Natural Gold and Quartz Specimen Captured Snowflake gnm151
Natural Gold and Quartz Specimen Captured Snowflake gnm151

"The Captured Snowflake"

There are specimens, specimen-nuggets, jewelry pieces, show pieces, collectors specimens, collectors nuggets and there are rare opportunities!  Here are all of these wrapped in gold in just under two and a quarter grams.  You can have it all, without having to buy big and without a  large investment.  This nugget-specimen is far beyond deluxe.  It's beyond exquisite. It is quite staggeringly, over the top, amazingly beautiful!  A generous sampling of rich,smokey, light gray quartz all naturally set in some of the most buttery rich, heaven-like, glossy textured gold that anyone could imagine. Open faced on one side, showing off the native quartz laced with stringer gold

The reverse side is nearly solid gold. 

And all of it continuity connected!

  If you would like the best of everything, this may be your "Window of Opportunity"!

Gold Nugget Man
7.06 Grams

"The Golden Rock of Gibraltar"

Why would something so iconic come to us from the depths of this planet???   Perhaps there's a reason....

The Rock of Gibraltar stands as a symbol of strength and stability to the world.  It's been fought for down through many centuries.  It was a position of security to the allies in WWII.  Now due to forces perhaps beyond what we think we know, there's a smaller but amazing and natural  "Golden Rock of Gibraltar".  It naturally sits in a pose and position of eminence.  Now it's in our hands, because a higher power placed it there.  We are the delivery man - the Finder... should you choose to be the new keeper of this fabulous gold nugget, your pride of ownership will be  justified.  "Gibraltar" appears here as it naturally occurred and as it is now.  A magnificent gold nugget weighing over seven grams.  A Wonder of Nature.  By no means the largest nugget in existence, but truly one of significance.  Study it closely! We want you to know all about the Golden Rock of Gibraltar.

  Now available from Gold Nugget Man!

Gold Nugget Man


9.61 Grams



We've mentioned boomtowns, but this one deserves the title!  At over nine and a half grams, this is "fantastical", with wondrous features.  Its heft is impressive.  You'll be thrilled to hold this one in your hand.  Shipped in its own display case, you'll proudly show what a real special gold nugget looks like! 

A spectacular natural Nevada heavy duty gold nugget!

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