The Treasure Chest of Gold! Gold! Gold!

Gold Nugget Man's Mother Lode cache of pickers and clunkers ranging in size from approximately one grain to multi-grain to sub gram  weight.  

Eluvial Placer Gold gnmcol500
Gold Nugget Man
31.22 Grams
Placer Gold For Sale gnmcol500

Just over one troy ounce, approximately 417 very pretty pieces of Nevada rich, eluvial placer gold.  Ranging from approximately three grains to sub grain.  Klunker pickers on down to very small pickers. 

Provided in the display container pictured. 

A superb investment for your gold collection!

Placer Gold gnmcol501
Gold Nugget Man
31.26 Grams
approx.  100 pieces
Investment Gold gnmcol501

Nice stuff! from around fourteen grains to one grain, respectively.  Some very desirable jewelry and showpieces. 

Container is 1 1/8" tall and 1" wide. 

Over a troy ounce of gold nuggets and you'll love it!

Placer Gold Nuggets gnmcol502
Gold Nugget Man
31.34 Grams
180 + pieces
Ounce of Gold gnmcol502

Well over an ounce in this sweet bunch of nuggets! 

Here again there are some perfect little earring or stud pieces.....

These are a must have!

Genuine Gold Nuggets gnmcol503
Gold Nugget Man
31.31 Grams
98 +/- pieces
Gold For Sale gnmcol503

Definitely Leprechaun bait! 

Lots of nice, multi grain nuggys here! 

Wonder-ous chunks -  fun to play with - fun to show off!

Just enough room in this show jar to tumble and view ...

Genuine Gold Nuggets gnmcol504
Gold Nugget Man
15.74 Grams
125 +/- pieces
Gold For Sale gnmcol504

This clear vial filed with a heavy half ounce of choice "nuggys" is impressive.  Just enough space to tumble slowly and show them off.  And since there's 480 grains to an ounce, you know that approximately 125 pieces weighing over 240 grains is pretty nice - and these are!

Gold Nuggets For Sale gnmcol505
Gold Nugget Man
23.53 Grams
40 pieces
Placer Gold For Sale gnmcol505

We've moved to another level here.  You could say "upper crust"  from way down deep.... These forty pieces of gold

weighing 3/4 oz are 'puttin on The Ritz'! 

You'll be amazed when you see them first hand.

Real Gold For Sale gnmcol506
Gold Nugget Man
15.76 Grams
109+/- pieces
Gold Nuggets gnmcol506

109 little nuggets weighing in at about a half ounce total means some of them are quite substantial, and one of them is considerably larger than its mates - tipping the scale at about a half gram..

This is a very nice selection of Cracker Jack Gold!!

Real Gold For Sale gnmcol507
Gold Nugget Man
31.75 Grams
318 +/- pieces

A heavy ounce,  Banner Assemblage of prize pieces of gold  in a 1 1/8 x 1" screw top display container.  This gold as per random testing will run mid to upper 90% purity range - foremost in its class. 

It will arrive as you see it here, only prettier!

Placer Gold For Sale gnmcol508
Gold Nugget Man
15.83 Grams
45 pieces
Gold For Sale gnmcol508

With members in this cluster well exceeding a half gram, and some with real character, they stand as an impressive and classy bunch of individuals.  In fact, we think one rather resembles the state of Michigan.  See if you agree.  There's just a glimpse of Mother Quartz in some of these too. 

They'll be in this attractive container and we think you'll be very pleased. 

Genuine Gold For Sale gnmcol508
Gold Nugget Man
15.73 Grams
146 +/- pieces
Genuine Nevada Gold gnmcol509

All in the +/- grain range.  This is 15.73 grams containing 146 +/- just dandy smaller gold nuggets displaying the stunning quality of Northern Nevada gold.  All large enough to have been found with a Gold Bug 2 Metal Detector. 

And now, offered to you. 

You can call this about a half ounce treasure and you'll be right!

Genuine Gold For Sale gnmcol510
Gold Nugget Man
15.82 Grams
127 +/- pieces
Nevada Gold gnmcol510

We count 127 pieces of "yella fellas" that really show some glitter, with the largest ones in excess of .3 grams. 

A nice bunch - these!

Gold For Sale gnmcol511
Gold Nugget Man
15.66 Grams
136 +/- pieces
Natural Gold Nuggets gnmcol511

Baubles, Bangles and Boldness! 

136 +/- pieces of coarse gold as big as .3 grams.  Some traces of Mother Quartz. 

Real character and a fun collection in  the vial pictured!

A stunning collection!  gnmcol512
Gold Nugget Man
15.76 Grams
39 pieces
Gold Nuggets gnmcol512

Here are 39 chunks of gorgeous gold - the largest a gram....  All chunky. A half ounce of "earthshine!"

  What a stunning collection!

Gold For Sale gmcol513
Gold Nugget Man
31.61 Grams
275 +/- pieces
Gold Nuggets For Sale gnmcol513

Like the stars in the sky - these expansive "little glitterers" range from about eight grains to sub grain.  They all have class and you'll find some are really fascinating little nuggets. 

Totaling just over an ounce, they'll be in the container pictured! 

Gold Collection gnmcol514
Gold Nugget Man
16.57 Grams
43 pieces
Genuine Gold Nuggets gnmcol514

With a combined weight of  over 1/2 oz. , a number of these weigh more than a half gram.  Quite a few are superb little specimens showing some classic gray to smokey looking quartz.  Many interesting facets you'll want to investigate and show!!   A "collector's collection"! 

 Note:  the vial is glass, so be careful!

Genuine Gold Nuggets gnmcol515
Gold Nugget Man
10.70 Grams
26 pieces
Real Gold gnmcol515

Just over a third ounce of classically course and "swimmingly swank" picker/klunker type gold nuggets.  A fine assemblage of "chunks of yellow" with the smallest at about one tenth of a gram - then most mid-range, and the last checking in at three fourths of a gram.  Some display a bit of specimen style dark smoky quartz.  Close to where they formed, they just couldn't evade the "gold finder"!  Each one offers its own special touch of charm.  A pure pleasure to possess.

Nevada Gold For Sale gnmcol516
Gold Nugget Man
10.83 Grams
11 pieces
Real Gold Nuggets gnmcol516

Eleven glorious chunks of super nice gold!  Seven of them ranging from one third of a gram to .90 grams.  Four of them are:  1.26 grams; 1.32 grams; 1.35 grams; 1.44 grams.  All totaling 10.83 grams - that's well over a third of a troy ounce. 

All are collectible!  What a way to start or add to a collection. 

Their brilliance is stunning, their course texture is wonderfully pleasing.

 If you end up with these beauties, you'll know you've come into something really special!

Genuine Gold gnmcol517
Gold Nugget Man
15.16 Grams
64 pieces
Genuine Nevada Gold gnmcol517

This remarkable  batch of nuggets really fills the two inch screw top container.  Wouldn't want to force more in there.  Most are quite chunky - some elongated and rather fragile - a couple quite thin.  All are gorgeous!  A heavy half ounce of gold here, and it's an impressive little treasure.  You can be quite proud of this particular accumulation of classic nuggets.  It's ok to study each one individually, over and over again. 

You can't help but love 'em!

Genuine Nevada Gold For Sale gnmcol518
Gold Nugget Man
15.71 Grams
106 +/- pieces
Gold For Sale gnmcol518

Here's over a half ounce of classic "red letter" little nuggets - all pickers ranging from about one to six grains, respectively.  They'll arrive in the treasure vial you see here!

Nevada Gold For Sale gnmcol519
Gold Nugget Man
15.68 Grams
127+/- pieces
Genuine Gold Nuggets gnmcol519

Weighing in at around a grain up to around eight grains - totaling over a half ounce, you'll find this an exciting collection of dazzlers! 

Here's a vial full of bragging pieces to help fill anyone's treasure chest!

Gold Collecton For Sale gnmcol520
Gold Nugget Man
15.63 Grams
Approx. 289 pieces